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AHO Season of Sharing - $20,000 Challenge Grant      

Your donation will be matched $ dollar for $ dollar by our generous benefactors:         

FB & MH ($10,000) & Ron Collins ($10,000)

We can’t do this without YOU! 

Donation Stock transfers and/or checks can be sent to: 

P. O. Box 2278  Mill Valley, CA 94942                                               415.381.7173

AHO Highlights from 2014

AHO is Marin’s only nonprofit providing a safety net and hand up to homeless teens and young adults ages 16 to 25 to succeed.  As of November 1, 2014 of this year, AHO has successfully assisted a total of 96 homeless youth.  An additional 47 youth at-risk of homelessness (through our outreach pilot program) were also served.


AHO launched a 6-month pilot outreach program to connect with the most disconnected homeless youth ages 16 to 25 in San Rafael living in the parks, under bridges and in the marshes in January.  In 6 months, 55 homeless street youth and 47 youth at-risk of homelessness were engaged and supported by this program through peer relationship building, art activities, poetry, cell phone purchases, connection to community services, medical care, food, P.O. Box, and transportation.  AHO also engaged 5 “new" community partners to our 50-member Alliance for Youth partner network. Those partners include; the Humane Society, Care Program, Extra Food, SR PD Home Team & the Downtown Streets Team.


In addition to the homeless youth served by the pilot program, another 31 “new to AHO” youth, plus 10 homeless teens and young adults (who have been receiving AHO’s ongoing comprehensive assistance for several years) were served with housing support, employment, resume building, job application support, legal aid, dental care, 2-week work wardrobe, leadership opportunities and more.  


AHO GOALS for 2015

With your generous support of this Challenge Grant, in the month of January 2015 alone, AHO expects to serve 200 homeless youth through our YOUTH CONNECT – a project spearheaded by the AHO Youth Task Force Team that created the Homeless Youth Advisory Council in collaboration with Dominican University, College of Marin and the County of Marin along with 30 other organizations and individuals.  


The Youth Council’s goals are two-fold; 1) is to assist the county to collect more accurate data on homeless youth for the January 2015 Point in Time Count and, 2) to offer youth the main resources they need in one location with aftercare support.  



 Remembering Max through his years atAHO

       You made us smile…… brought us joy. We miss you!
        Max we love you and will hold you in our hearts forever. ~

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     Click here for more photo memories of Max from age 15 to 21.

AHO Angels of Hope and Opportunity

 AHO Intention Workshop – led by Francois Levannier
 Master Spirit Coach, life and business coach, adjunct Professor at UCF
 Click here for more photos

Safe Haven Cottage Drop In Center

Click here to see the Cottage Ribbon Cutting Photos

Voices of AHO Youth

Jimmy Hayes, Age 25

Jordan Atkinson, Age 21

Marquayus Malone, Age 20

ABC 7 San Francisco Cheryl Jennings features AHO

AHO Director, Zara Babitzke 

"You Have Already Given Me Hope"

From: Monica Raggio (age 23)
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010
To: AHO Project

     “I just watched some of the videos of you and the other young adults on your website........I am blown away.
You too were once in our situations.

      I am so amazed that you have been able to help many, many young, struggling adults. I hope I too can be helped. I am very committed to doing whatever I can to assist you in helping myself. Thank you for you support. I watched the video of Jimmy and Amy....I love how Amy stated at the end of the video, "she is like my second mom"–that was very inspirational. There really is someone who cares for us, ones that have been abused, neglected, ended up homeless due to different situations that have come our way, but you take the time to really care about us and really watch us grow up to be young, mature, responsible adults in today’s crazy society. It doesn't take anyone with MONEY AND FAME to help our young adults today. It takes a caring, loving, warm, understanding, mature, and responsible woman to help our struggling young adults succeed in today’s hopeless society.

Monica Raggio

A message from zara:

My heartfelt congratulations to AHO's awesome youth crew Eric, Jonathan, Daveon and Mike who helped dismantle our "Homelessness to Hope" mural exhibit at the Marin Civic Center.  

We could not have done this without expertise of Maestro Ron Collins who rescheduled his vacation to Sante Fe to provide the truck and transportation to make this happen.  AHO is so blessed! 

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity - AHO
ph.  415.381.7173415.381.7173

P.O. Box 2278
Mill Valley, CA 94942