AHO's Success

Over 1,654 young adults are now in stable housing, working 1 to 3 jobs, going to college and “giving back” for the help they have received through the AHO Youth Team youth-led projects.

The AHO Model is Unique

Youth are matched with a caring adult ally coach to ensure access to resources.

Giving Back (Self-Actualization)

Team building through the AHO Youth Team. Designing youth-led projects to bring awareness and funding to AHO.

Leadership Opportunities (Recognition)

Youth are outreach and program advisors, board members and spokespersons of their experience with community and political leaders.

Direct Services (Safety and Security)

Housing support, Employment, Scholarships for College, Counseling, Legal Aid, Financial Clean-Up, Work Wardrobe, Doctors and Dentists


Levels of Housing Offered:
1. Room with a host family
2. Locating a room in a home
3. Finding apartments with peers