homelessness to hope mural
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April 28th to May 23rd
Marin MOCA Museum
500 Palm Drive, Novato, CA

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“AHO Youth Homelessness to Hope” Mural Exhibition


The murals have been traveling throughout the Bay Area for the past 8 yearswhere AHO’s previously homeless youth told the story of the metaphors, messages and visionaries they chose to highlight along with the themes of social social, BLM, climate change and the environment embedded in the murals.

zara and the happys with mural

AHO Gifts the Murals to COLLEGE OF MARIN

Following the close of the AHO mural Exihibition/Retrospective, and 8 years oftraveling throughout the Bay Area, AHO will gift the “Youth Homelessness to Hope”murals and framed color posters to College of Marin as their permanent home. Thus, leaving the legacy of AHO’s previously homeless youth who created this extraordinary project.

Pictured above: AHO Band “THE HAPPYS” & Zara with Mural Poster

LOOK for AHO on Golden Gate Transit this Fall

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