Featured Youth Story – Jesus    [Read More]

My name is Jesus, and I am 21. I work with a wonderful organization by the name of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO), the only nonprofit in Marin helping homeless youth ages 18 to 25 like me. My parents immigrated to the U.S. when I was a baby and I’ve lived in San Rafael ever since I can remember. Even though I’ve been told I’m Mexican by my family throughout my life, I can’t help but feel like I’m more American than Mexican. This is not because I have any problem with my heritage, but rather because all my friends, memories, and achievements have been here in Marin County. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences, as I know we all have, but I love the place that I live and I want to help myself improve and help others as well. Now that I’m old enough to understand how important it is for me to heal myself from the past traumas in my family, I’ve started working with AHO and Zara, AHO’s Founder, to make that happen.

Featured Youth Story – Nick    [Read More]

Guitarist and singer Nick Petty understands the positive impact that music can make on people. Music is one of the ways he pulled himself together after a troubled youth that included depression, addiction and brief incarceration—and music is what he has dedicated himself to sharing with his friends and fans as the frontman of Novato-based surf-punk band the Happys.

“I want to be in a band that’s making an impact,” Petty says. “I strive to entertain people and let people know it’s OK to be weird, it’s OK to be different.”

Featured Youth Story – Tiger    [Read More]

My name is Tiger Rose. I am 20 years old. Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO), Marin’s only nonprofit for homeless youth like me, has had an immense impact on my life. Being a homeless youth, my counselor referred me to Zara, AHO’s Founder for help. Zara met me within a day after my call, and has been helping me so much with many things right from the first day we met.

I needed a phone and AHO got me that phone. I needed trauma counseling and Zara took me that same day to sign up with the Clinic to get an appointment with the trauma counselor that AHO uses that has helped so many youth like me, change their lives. I can work with this counselor for as long as I need at no charge. AHO has connected me to dental work from one of their 5 professional dentists for my cavities, and has even helped me get reinstated at my old job, and to get my high school diploma, with Northbay Conservation Corp. Conservation Corp is one of AHO’s 120 Alliance for Youth partners.

AHO has given me the hope and faith that I will end my homelessness and get my life back on track. The AHO organization is very unique because they actually help! They are very dedicated to helping youth and really follow through with everything they say they are going to do for you.  [Read More]

My life goal is to continue with my career in the medical field, which I now know I can do. As my life continues to get on track, I want to be part of the AHO Youth Team to give back for the help AHO has provided and help inspire youth like me.[Read More]

Today, with AHO as a foundation, I am continuing to build my confidence (my peers call me the butterfly), and I now know that I can achieve my personal life goals and create the future I want for myself. AHO was there for me and believed in me when I needed it most. Read More
Calling AHO for help is something I will forever remember. It did more to and for me on my path of healing and reaching my dreams because of AHO. I was treated like an intelligent, capable young man with many gifts to share with the world.  Read More
Being in AHO really helped me open my eyes and helped me get on track for what I want to do with my life. With AHO support, I am planning on going to school for graphic design and then want to open my own collection of art galleries all over the United States.  Read More
I am very connected with AHO and am proud to be an ambassador for them. It is an amazing program, and through AHO, I am able to see hope and opportunity for my future compared to a year ago I only doubted my future and my ability to change it. Read More
What I want my future to look like is now possible with AHO. I have hope and the support I need to go to school to become a medical assistant and provide for my family to be the best mother that I can be thanks to Zara and AHO. Read More
AHO had the Youth Connect where I got all the help I needed in one place on one day. This was the help I needed to get back on track. AHO continues help me and I am very grateful. At the Youth Connect, I realized that I wanted to help other homeless youth… Read More
I completed more school courses, found my own apartment and bought my own car…I’m proud of the way that things have turned out for me, but my journey is far from over. I’m going to keep moving forward, but I learned not to look back. Read More
It’s been a bumpy journey, but it’s getting smoother as I grow and learn. I practice positive thinking by telling myself “I will be successful” 3 times everyday.  I believe by doing this, things are more likely to go my way. Read More
The impact on me was profound; I was six years old and never knew what it would be like to have someone so powerful in my life disappear in an instant. The whole experience has made me realize how precious time is… Read More
Through these 3 life-altering events, I was now taking ownership of my life and how I viewed myself. I started making different choices. I also accepted responsibility for the consequences of those choices… Read More
Amy has been involved with the Ambassadors project for 3 1/2 years as peer mentor, Youth Ambassador of Hope, and spokesperson of her experience. She was a member of the AHO planning committee for the “Building Youth Leaders Now, and for the Future.  Read More
I just found out recently that I was accepted at UC Berkeley, which is a dream come true. AHO will help me with scholarships and whatever I might need to be successful on this new path. Read More
I admire how she even had the drive and inspiration to start AHO to help young people like little old me, and give us a fighting chance at life. She understands that we didn’t ask for the circumstances we are in.
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With the ongoing support of an AHO life coach and community navigator, Jimmy received housing support, a cell phone, employment, legal aide, scholarships, therapy, wardrobe, healthcare, dental care… Read More
I am so grateful I have been able to “beat the odds” with the support of AHO and am now a music producer entrepreneur and “giving back” as an AHO youth spokesperson for all the help I’ve received… Read More
To me, blood is thicker than water.  But living with my uncle in New York was a different situation; my brother and I had to pay to live with them. My parents worked hard to pay our rent in New York, but the currency rate… Read More