Heart of Marin Nomination 2018

AHO was nominated for Achievement in Non-Profit Excellence and Excellence in Innovation for 2018.

“Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership and event sponsor Bank of Marin honored Marin nonprofits and volunteers on Thursday, January 10, 2019. All nominees were recognized and awards were presented to the 2018 Heart of Marin recipients.

This year, 650 members of the community packed the Marin Center Exhibit Hall to honor nonprofits, volunteers, leaders, and businesses who give back.” Read More

Larkin Bond – UC Berkeley
Gardner Fellowship Grant
Heart of Marin Nominee
Marin Women’s Hall of Fame
AHO and Zara Babitzke
Heroes of Marin
Vincent Chew
Bertha Wolf Rosenthal Award
Zara Babitzke
Jefferson Award