The AHO Youth Team youth-led projects welcome people of all ages and backgrounds as we journey toward personal growth, shared learning, and collective action. Volunteers, young and old alike, experience the transformative power of community in service to a world that works for all.

Advocate at the County’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

Be a voice for homeless youth to be included and made a priority in the plan. Meetings are monthly at the Wellness Center on Kerner Blvd in San Rafael.


youhelp2Liaison to the High Schools in Marin

Book speaking engagements with the leadership classes so youth, teachers and counselors know about our work.


youhelp3Leader in the Faith Community

Spearhead a Coalition of Faith Communities that invest in and adopt AHO.


youhelp4Host Family

Offer a room in your home (with AHO support) for a youth that needs housing for a month or more until they begin working and going to school.


youhelp5AHO Alliance for Youth Partner

Offer your professional services pro bono. Dentistry, life coaching, mentoring in fields’ youth are interested in pursuing: the arts, music, teaching, carpentry, construction, electrical, plumbing, etc.


youhelp6Fundraiser Host

Produce a benefit for AHO with your group.


youhelp7Volunteer for AHO Events and Fundraisers


youhelp8Adopt AHO as Your Non-profit

Business, faith community or organization provides volunteers, financial support as needed throughout the year.