Ron Collins

Known as the “Grandfather of AHO” and Co-Founder of the AHO Council of Investors.  A longtime supporter of AHO’s unique and comprehensive safety net which offers a hand up for Marin’s homeless youth  to succeed.  Ron is especially inspired by AHO’s Youth Team, comprised of youth that “give back” for the support AHO provides by creating awareness through youth-led projects like the Youth Homelessness to Hope traveling murals.  A philanthropist, businessman, art enthusiast, art collector and Board member of Marin MOCA Museum with a great sense of humor.  Ron Rocks!

Vic Rice

Vic is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a degree in International Business Marketing and Management. As an entrepreneur Vic founded Pacific Forest Resources in 1984 eventually acquired by CellMark AB of Sweden. Vic is an owner/director and runs the Recycling Division. Traveling the world professionally for 40 years he’s seen tremendous need in developing countries and sits on the board of PaperSeed Foundation. This inspired him to look locally for needs that were not being met in his own community and found his way to AHO’s work with homeless youth in Marin. His mantra is to think globally, act locally.

Francois Levannier

Francois is an internationally-recognized coach who helps executives and companies realize their full potential using a methodology that draws on time-tested tools of energy management. He has taught workshops on life skills and personal empowerment for the last 20 years, and has provided coaching services to executives and business owners from all over the world. Francois is an adjunct professor at USF where he teaches Leadership and High Impact Communication Skills to global entrepreneurs, and is also the creator of one of the earliest apps for iPhones, a “spiritual GPS” called ‘My Oracle’. He offers his business and spiritual coaching skills to the AHO Board, Council and youth.


Ed Reitzer

Ed is a father of a successful daughter Tanner, age 24, as well as the son of Zara, the founder of AHO. He resides in Dallas, Texas where he has spent most of his life. As a lifelong athlete, he enjoys competing in triathlons and running marathons. In addition, being in Dallas allows him to enjoy his second love which is live music year-round. Professionally he has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years traveling around the world.

In Ed’s most recent role, he works internationally to help people live healthier lives by supporting a broad range of health focused companies with products and services that go beyond healthcare, to empower safe and effective global assignments for their employees around the world. Ed has enjoyed supporting AHO by expanding on their social media strategy.

Chona Sommers

Chona, has worked in the banking industry for the past 13 years and has been the manager of Westamerica Bank, Mill Valley Blithedale branch, for the past 2 years. She is the secretary of the AHO Council of Investors. Chona was Zara’s assistant for the Homeless Youth Advisory Council created by AHO in 2014-15, which brought 30 organizations together to produce the Youth Connect for the County’s HUD homeless youth count in Marin. In addition, Chona has been the adult ally coach and financial mentor for many AHO youth wanting to become financially responsible. Over the years, she has helped them clean up their credit, create savings accounts, and better manage their expenses by budgeting their income. She has first hand experience with the many challenges money brings to this age group and brings a special caring, knowledge and generous spirit of hope to all the young people it serves.

Polly Guy

Polly Guy, Regional Director, Starbucks Coffee Company NorCal – “Working with AHO I aspire to build awareness in our communities around youth who need help getting back into a way of life where they feel positive and productive. As leader in Starbucks I will support AHO efforts with partners who will volunteer and use our large workforce for the good of AHO. I can lend our Starbucks brand to gain alignment and support from other companies and help AHO with events that create an opportunity to apply for our Starbucks community grants.” Polly started her Starbucks career in 2003 in Seattle, WA. During this time, Polly continued her success by helping to build great teams, driving the customer experience, achieving results and connecting within her communities. I am thrilled for the opportunity to be involved with AHO to support Zara and the boards efforts for a safety net for youth in transition. My volunteer efforts throughout my life have been focused on youth. As a new resident in Marin County I am deeply committed to supporting my community.

Alex Schmotter, DDS

Alex Schmotter, DDS – Alex is a dentist by trade and an entrepreneur by fate. Originally from Marin County, CA, Alex is the son of a Dentist and a professional chef. A lifelong athlete, Alex grew up living a healthy and active lifestyle building a passion for people, sports, and problem-solving. Alex Founded Phenoh Inc. while undergoing a three-year accelerated dental school program at the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. There, Alex earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and also brought to market the World’s first plant-based alkaline hydration beverage, Phenoh 7.4. When not practicing dentistry, Alex is actively volunteering providing dental care to underserved populations around the world, or to the homeless populations in Marin and San Francisco counties. Alex is launching Marin’s first FREE Dental Clinic for AHO youth on April 29, 2017 where he and 4 or more other dentists will provide pro bono major dental work including caps, root canals, extractions for Marin’s homeless youth.

Larkin Bond

Larkin Bond – As Founder and Executive Director of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO), a 15 year-old nonprofit organization, I am honored to recommend Larkin Bond, a Senior Sociology Major at UC Berkeley, for a 2019 Gardner Fellowship Grant.

Larkin was 22 years old, and a full-time Sociology Major at College of Marin (COM), when we first met. She was working over 30 hours weekly at Starbucks where her shift began at 4:30 in the morning. Larkin was totally self-supporting and managing her entire life on her own, in addition to caring for her parents who had major health and financial issues. Read More

Sue Bachorski

Sue Bachorski – Sue is a seasoned business executive with a broad background in finance, business strategy, supply chain and operations.

She most recently was part of the senior management team for a global alcohol beverage company, with oversight for numerous mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and large scale projects.

Geraldine Serrano

Geraldine Serrano Geraldine is a Bay Area native and has always been passionate about helping others.  She freely lends her gregarious personality and communication skills to promote, and advance, her philanthropic partnerships.

In business, Geraldine is a Specialty Tax Consultant to the Residential and Commercial Real Estate industry.

In her spare time, Geraldine enjoys mountain biking, playing soccer, golfing, hiking the many trails in the Bay, and is a devout foodie.