Historic Town Hall Forum

THINK DIFFERENT: A Preventative Approach for Homeless Youth

A HUGE Success!

Produced by AHO Youth Team of previously homeless youth

Hosted by Senator Mike McGuire

“A problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it.” Albert Einstein

MCOE, COM, Dominican & Tam Unified District collaborators

“We had an amazing turnout at the Town Hall Forum to discuss youth homelessness in Marin County. Senator Mike McGuire, Jessica Colvin, Founder of Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity (AHO), Zara Babitzke and our super star youths Juliana, Tony and Christina who shared their moving experiences with being homeless, and though stories differed in some ways, one factor was always the same: Lack of parental support!”
Francois Levannier, Business/Life/Spirit Coach

“It’s because of kids like Tony, Christina, and Juliana that I am running for District Attorney. I really believe that if we can transform our criminal justice system to be more compassionate, rehabilitative, and prevention-based we can make our communities safer and stronger!”
Anna Pletcher, Forum Moderator & Candidate for District Attorney

“The AHO Youth Team did a marvelous job at Monday’s Town Hall Forum on youth homelessness in Marin…… The heartfelt stories the youth shared were so moving…..  I wept at different moments and I saw others did too. The kind of bravery they showed changes lives.”
Mary Ann Maggiore, Youth Empowerment Director

“Christina, Juliana and Tony – you did an amazing job at the Forum. You were all so great, and you kept it real.”
Chona Sommers, Manager Westamerica Bank

Marin jail $78,000 /yr        Source: Captain Navarro MC Jail 2017
San Quentin $75,560 /yr   Source: LA Times June 4, 2017
AHO safety net $1,000 /yr