Up until now I had been working closely with Zara and had yet to meet other members of AHO. Zara invited me to attend the monthly council meeting which gave me the opportunity to meet other inspiring individuals that work with the organization. There were a few people attending the meeting for the first time, so we went around and introduced ourselves. Prior to the meeting, Rico, a new AHO youth, and I helped Zara set up. It was our first time meeting each other and our first time attending the council meeting. Although we didn’t share that much about ourselves, it was empowering to hear him speak about how much AHO has helped him so far in just a couple weeks. During the meeting we went over the summary of the 2018 year-end report and discussed ways each individual could assist AHO whether it was personally or through a connection. It was amazing to hear the amount of youth that were helped during 2018, and ways that each person could help AHO grow even more to provide additional resources. Although I just met them, I left the meeting feeling excited to work with everyone there. Stay tuned to read more about my journey being an intern in the nonprofit world!

With hope,